Max My Gift Max My Gift

Gift Aid Management made easier.

Max My Gift Feature List

  • Secure database that can only be read using the Max My Gift software, keeping the data safe.
  • All the information in one place with no more messy spreadsheets.
  • Everything stored in a single file so easy to backup.
  • Max My Gift can be password protected if the computer is shared.
  • Submit reclaims directly via the Government Gateway.  No more manual form filling.
  • Allow multiple reclaims each year (up to one per day).
  • Complete audit trail of all donations including those where a reclaim is not made.
  • Record the contact details of all Donors.
  • Record details of Gift Aid Declaration forms signed.
  • Multiple references can be assigned to donors to model giving using numbered envelopes.
  • Supports regular recurring donations.
  • Includes support for sponsored events.  The sponsorship money is recorded against the sponsored individual.  The sponsorship forms must be retained for audit purposes.  Sponsorship with Gift Aid form. (opens in new window).
  • Easy navigation. Double clicking on a donor will take you to that donor, similarly for appeals.
  • Notes can be attached to just about any field, enhancing an audit trail.
  • New donors can be input from a simple CSV file for migration from existing system.
  • Full support for GASDS up to £5000 including recording connected charities.
  • Full support for community buildings and the small donations made there.
  • Each gift or donation where tax is reclaimed is marked with the reclaim date.
  • Submit adjustments for previous reclaims
  • Help pages hosted online.
  • Reports and letters are in Richtext format and can be modified. The fields replaced by Max My Gift are enclosed in < >.
  • Runs on Windows XP (SP2 or higher), Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.
  • As easy to use as a spreadsheet, but with the power and security of a database.

Reports and letters

  • List of donor names and addresses.
  • Individual letters to donors summarising donations and tax recoveries.
  • Letter to treasurer summarising expected reclaim.
  • Letter to treasurer summarising actual reclaim.
  • Summary of all gifts from a single donor.
  • Blank Gift Aid declaration form for donors to sign.
  • These can be customised and tailored.

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Sample Screen Images

Appeal Summary Appeal Summary Charity Summary Charity Summary Donor Letters Donor Letters Actual reclaim Actual reclaim Reclaim Summary Reclaim Summary Submit Reclaim Submit Reclaim

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This video is for an earlier version of Max My Gift, but is still valid.